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  • Exercise may ease cigarette cravings: study

    27 August 2012 1:51 AM 102

    Smokers who are trying to cut down or quit might want to go for a jog the next time a cigarette craving overcomes them, according to a British study. Researchers, whose findings appeared in the journal Addiction, combined the data from 19 previous clinical trials and found that a bout of exercise generally helped hopeful quitters reduce their nicotine

  • Stressed men prefer a fleshier woman: study

    13 August 2012 4:26 AM 113

    There may be a love story at the intersection of the battered economy and a steady rise in its obesity rates: men who are stressed are more likely to find a rounder, plumper woman more attractive. Men under stress not only rated the attractiveness of heavier women more positively, they found women appealing across a wider size spectrum than did men who were not stressed

  • Weight training linked to lower diabetes risk: study

    7 August 2012 12:13 AM 109

    Weight training, and not just cardio workouts, is linked to a lower risk of developing diabetes, according to a US study. "We all know that aerobic exercise is beneficial for diabetes - many studies have looked at that - but no studies have looked at weight training," said study leader Frank Hu, at the Harvard School of Public Health. "This study suggests

  • Olympic fever revs up fitness routines

    2 July 2012 4:25 PM 108

    The fitness industry is gearing up for Olympic fever with workouts that reflect the athleticism, competition and teamwork of the games. "Something about the Olympics makes people want to compete," said Samantha Clayton, a Malibu, California-based personal trainer and track coach. "The athletes make it look so easy that everyone gets that I-can-do-it

  • Don't stop but enjoy the smells and colours of Botanic Garden

    7 January 2012 4:25 PM 104

    Dunedin professional runner Anna Frost has competed in the some of the toughest trail and mountain races in the world. However, when she is back in Dunedin she enjoys getting back on the hills and beaches around the city which was her early training ground. Here Anna shares the fifth of her favourite runs in the heart of the city. Logan Park to the Dunedin

  • Flagstaff run varied and interesting, but not for the faint-hearted

    4 January 2012 4:25 PM 132

    Dunedin professional runner Anna Frost has competed in some of the toughest trail and mountain races in the world. However, when she is home in Dunedin, she enjoys getting back out on her early training grounds - the hills and beaches around the city. Here, Anna shares the second of her favourite Dunedin runs, from Woodhaugh Gardens to Flagstaff

  • Aerobic, anaerobic and resistance mix

    16 December 2011 4:25 PM 112

    It's week seven of our fat-destruction programme. This week, Gary Dawkins, of fitness trainers Creative Conditioning, focuses on the right mix of exercise types. Great work on adhering to our seven-week pre-Christmas programme. Now and in the next few weeks, do a combination of aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise and resistance exercise. Look at the types

  • Body fat can hide nice abs

    9 December 2011 4:25 PM 109

    Week six of our pre-Christmas fat-destruction programme and it's time to work those abs, says Gary Dawkins, from Dunedin fitness trainers Creative Conditioning. The six-pack! Even better, the eight- or 12-pack! Yes, the abdominals - the area of the body where fat seems to accumulate first and leave last. And the area that has launched 1000 TV commercials

  • Obesity divides experts

    9 December 2011 4:25 PM 114

    Zumba, yoga or Pilates should be offered to girls as early as primary school as a way to get them exercising and combat obesity. Australian health experts have said a greater diversity of exercise routines would help girls, who continue to be less active than boys. The New South Wales Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey report surveyed more than 8000 primary

  • More trimming for Xmas

    2 December 2011 4:25 PM 103

    For week five of our pre-Christmas fat-destruction programme, Gary Dawkins, of Dunedin personal training firm Creative Conditioning, introduces some new exercises. • Wall squat: Against a solid wall squat down to 90 degrees at your knee joints. Have your feet away from the wall so that your knees do not extend over your toes. Push your back firmly against