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  • All the trimming for Christmas

    25 November 2011 4:25 PM 100

    Gary Dawkins, of Dunedin personal training firm Creative Conditioning, takes us through week four of our pre-Christmas fat-destruction programme. E1: (Endurance 1): Walk at a moderate pace on the flat for 15 minutes or bike for 20 minutes on the flat or aqua jog for 20 minutes. E1A: (Endurance 1 Advanced): Walk for 40 minutes with hills included or bike for 40 minutes

  • Clone of Time to burn some calories

    18 November 2011 4:25 PM 110

    Why do so many different exercises? In the third week of our fat-destruction programme, Gary Dawkins, of Creative Conditioning, provides the answers. What forms of exercise should you do for long-lasting weight loss and fast fitness improvements? A combination of aerobic exercise, interval-style exercise and resistance exercise is best. • It includes

  • Time to burn some calories

    11 November 2011 4:25 PM 114

    In the second week of our pre-Christmas fat-destruction programme, Gary Dawkins, of Creative Conditioning, takes aim at calories. Week 2 Tip: To improve fitness, we must have enough energy to exercise to the point where we "overload" the body. This is where we will make the fitness gains. The body must have enough fuel to recover quickly and be ready

  • Week 1: Shape up for summer

    5 November 2011 3:43 AM 112

    The summer season beckons with its bare midriffs and bathing suits. Time to get in shape. Gary Dawkins, of Creative Conditioning, has done all the hard work, designing a pre-Christmas fitness and fat destruction programme. Now all you have to do is exercise. This is the first week of a seven-week fitness and fat-destruction programme. It is designed

  • Haka for health

    28 October 2011 4:25 PM 140

    Was it the haka that gave the All Blacks the edge last weekend? Certainly a German fitness instructor thinks it can make a difference, Jeff Kavanagh reports. Most of us have practised at least a few of the movements, whether at school cultural or sports events, or in front of the TV as kids and excited adults, slapping our legs in time with the All Blacks

  • Let's go surfing now...

    23 September 2011 5:25 PM 120

    For five glorious seconds I was king of the waves. Just 25 minutes after beginning my first lesson on how to surf, I was doing just that; surfing. All it took was a learn-to-surf voucher from my partner, a fast-approaching expiry date, a day off work - and a whole lot of tuition from the kind folks at Esplanade Surf School. He gives me a double thumbs-up

  • Baby a great get-fit tool

    16 September 2011 5:27 PM 115

    The nine-month wait is over when baby arrives. Then there's just the issue of nine months' weight, reports Amy Parsons-King. Having a baby is one of the most rewarding and empowering experiences a woman can go through. However, despite the joy of the new addition, many women find the addition of extra kilograms less than something to celebrate. On average

  • Letting the laughter out

    9 September 2011 5:25 PM 116

    Cue, maybe a smirk. It's not the funniest joke in the world, but if it raised a chuckle it probably did some good. There's any amount of research indicating that a good laugh can do anything from increasing the melatonin in mothers' breastmilk (and thereby reducing allergic reactions in their offspring) to reducing inflammation and aiding fertility

  • Benefits of exercise keep on keeping off

    9 September 2011 5:25 PM 122

    Calories keep burning after a long, intense workout, reports Nanci Hellmich, of USA Today. People who exercise vigorously get a bonus for their hard work: They continue to burn extra calories long after they have finished working out, a new study shows. Researchers found that men who biked intensely on a stationary bike for 45 minutes burned an extra

  • Balance soreness and gain fitness

    24 June 2011 4:55 PM 132

    After a rigorous workout, a smart recovery can help you gain lasting strength, writes Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, of the Chicago Tribune. Post-workout euphoria can leave you feeling pumped to conquer the world - until the next morning, when you can barely walk to the bathroom or lift an arm to brush your teeth. Such are the painful rewards of delayed onset