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  • Study reveals extent of cancer cases in ICU

    2 November 2017 5:06 AM 133

    Published: 4:40 pm, Thursday, 2 November 2017 A cancer patient in intensive care as a result of surgery is less likely to die than a non-surgical cancer patient, a landmark review has found. Analysis of more than 1.6 million admissions to Australian and New Zealand intensive care units (ICUs) shows there were nearly 214,000 admissions between 2000 and 2016 due to cancer

  • Regular exercise can improve lives for people with Parkinson's

    31 October 2017 7:54 PM 88

    Parkinson’s is a condition that affects more than 13,000 New Zealand and can affect anyone of any age but exercise and movement have been shown to significantly improve the lives of those who have the disease, a national exercise expert says. Today is the start of the annual Parkinson’s diseases awareness week. While there are no known cures and drugs

  • Rob Beaglehole: 'Food labelling needs to be modified'

    29 October 2017 7:31 PM 83

    The organisation representing dentists hopes there will be a sugar tax one day, but it believes other steps could be taken much sooner. Health Minister David Clark has confirmed a sugar tax, which National wouldn't consider, is now on the table. Dental Association spokesman Dr Rob Beaglehole said making sure schools are free of junk food would help. But he said sugary

  • New mother didn't know she was pregnant

    27 October 2017 8:31 PM 82

    After experiencing severe stomach pains, a Californian woman went to hospital - only to give birth a few hours later. Beth Clay, 45, had no idea she was pregnant, and had been working right up until the delivery. It's her third child, but the only one to arrive unannounced. "The doctor feels sure that [the baby] was behind everything… behind my kidneys

  • Akaroa Harbour health warning lifted over biotoxin in shellfish

    27 October 2017 4:34 AM 79

    The Community and Public Health division of Canterbury District Health Board has lifted a health warning advising the public not to collect or consume shellfish harvested from all of Akaroa Harbour. The Ministry for Primary Industries today removed the marine biotoxin warning for the Akaroa Harbour. Ongoing non-commercial and commercial sampling of shellfish

  • No smoke-free signs at racecourses: study

    26 October 2017 9:46 PM 82

    The study of 25 racecourses and 25 sports grounds has raised the authors' concerns that the large gatherings at sportsgrounds and racecourses are normalising smoking. Associate Professor George Thomson says there needs to be a consistent communication of smokefree policies across the country. This would be most effective if their was a national smoke-free

  • Snoring may lead to memory loss

    26 October 2017 7:21 AM 77

    New research presented at the Australasian Sleep Association Conference has shown that sleep apnoea and snoring can lead to memory loss over the course of a person's life. Association president Dr Maree Barnes explained the research's findings on Three's The Project. "If you take a bunch of people and ask them about memories from during their life, those

  • Police to remove stand-down period on recruits taking anti-depressants

    26 October 2017 3:00 AM 82

    The New Zealand police has changed its recruitment standards after completing a review of medical standards for applicants to the police force. Applicants taking medication to manage their mental health are not currently considered for recruitment, and there is a mandatory two year stand-down for applicants that are on or have in the past been on anti-depressant

  • Ronald McDonald House Day of Change to help families stay close t their critically ill children

    24 October 2017 5:17 PM 95

    On Friday, October 27, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas (RMHCA) is celebrating its annual Day of Change and 37 years of providing a “homeaway-from-home” for families who need to be close their critically ill children. RMHCA invites individuals, businesses and community groups to support these families by visiting participating McDonald’s locations

  • Life with cystic fibrosis: A Louisville man's story of triumph

    18 October 2017 11:26 PM 149

    LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Imagine feeling like every breath you taking is through a small straw; that's what it's like to have Cystic Fibrosis. Zack Barnum was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 7 days old. Doctors told his parents they didn't have high expectations for his life. "When I was born, it was like ten to 12-years old was the life expectancy