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  • Sneeze hygiene is slipping: survey

    22 May 2013 11:08 PM 51

    Be wary of the next person you shake hands with - nearly 40 percent of people surveyed admitted using their fingers to wipe their nose. A Colmar Brunton survey of 1018 adult New Zealanders found that two thirds admitted to not protecting their sneezes, and nearly 40 per cent to using their clothing, fingers or wrist to clear their mucus. To make matters

  • Big egos don't produce results: study

    19 May 2013 11:51 PM 52

    University students who think they deserve the best marks are among those most likely to bomb out in exams, research shows. Growing evidence suggests younger generations have a rocketing sense of entitlement, leaving researchers curious as to how well people with excessive belief in their self-worth actually achieve. University of Otago researchers tracked

  • Eating for two in pregnancy 'a myth'

    4 February 2013 6:24 PM 49

    The saying that pregnant woman need to "eat for two" is a myth thought to have contributed to high rates of excessive weight gain. A study involving three countries has found that 62 per cent of Auckland women put on excessive weight in their first pregnancy. The rate was 67 per cent in Adelaide, 80 per cent in Cork, Ireland, and 74 per cent across the three

  • Extreme fitness challenge: Hi I’m Emma, sorry I’m late!

    20 November 2012 10:02 PM 73

    Dunedin hairdresser Emma Rastrick has bravely decided to take on World Fitness Centre's TribeFIT training programme with the aim of getting in shape in just six weeks. Week 1 Day 1: Yes I was late and yes, they had to call out a search party to come and find me during my workout. Went to bed early so could get up early to prevent the very thing that ended

  • Extreme fitness challenge: How fit could you get in just six short weeks?

    20 November 2012 9:22 PM 49

    Emma is a hair stylist and somewhat of a public figure 'round here in Dunedin, she's been in many competitions with one recently being held in Australia where she worked behind the scenes to get the models ready. She's also a super-mum of one with a busy social calendar and because she works strange hours in her profession we had to make sure that her exercise

  • Cell breakthrough in cancer fight

    11 November 2012 6:00 PM 54

    Australian researchers have made a breakthrough in the fight against cancer and are working to find a way to get the body's natural killer cells to eliminate cancerous cells. Researchers at Melbourne's Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre have discovered a new molecule that a cancer cell can produce on its surface to convince the body's natural killer cells

  • Short bursts of exercise best - expert

    4 November 2012 1:17 AM 54

    Those keen to get fit will get more bang for their buck by doing short, intense spurts of exercise rather than going for a traditional jog or bike ride, a sports scientist says. Nick Draper of the University of Canterbury said high-intensity interval training could provide a time-saving alternative to traditional endurance exercise, and actually has more health

  • Resistance key to losing fat

    2 November 2012 4:25 PM 50

    It's time to get in shape for summer, so Gary Dawkins, of Creative Conditioning at River Ridge Retreat, takes us through the second part of our 10-week programme. This is a time-efficient programme that uses the latest exercise and conditioning methods for fast and long-lasting fat destruction and the development of muscle tone. It's designed to fit in with a busy lifestyle

  • Cancer linked to fertility problems

    30 October 2012 6:19 PM 54

    Results of a large study unveiled in Auckland show a link between women with fertility problems and an increased risk of cancer in their children. The study of more than two million people in Denmark was presented at the Fertility Society of Australia conference in Auckland. in the offspring of women who had fertility problems than in those born to fertile

  • Round is a shape, but not the one for you

    23 October 2012 4:25 PM 54

    With Christmas fast approaching, Gary Dawkins, of Creative Conditioning at River Ridge Retreat, shares some tips on how to drop that winter weight. This 10-week summer shape-up programme is designed to take only 20-30 minutes - ideal for your lunch break. Based on the most efficient and effective forms of exercise for long-lasting fat destruction and muscle