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  • Balance soreness and gain fitness

    24 June 2011 4:55 PM 69

    After a rigorous workout, a smart recovery can help you gain lasting strength, writes Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, of the Chicago Tribune. Post-workout euphoria can leave you feeling pumped to conquer the world - until the next morning, when you can barely walk to the bathroom or lift an arm to brush your teeth. Such are the painful rewards of delayed onset

  • The practice of making no effort

    27 May 2011 4:55 PM 87

    We are lying on our stomachs, our cheeks on the backs of our stacked hands, making slow small movements with our elbows. The atmosphere of concentration in this Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class is palpable as we explore and feel the effects of these small movements, not only in our shoulder blades but in our backs, pelvises and even in our legs. After

  • Becoming Catherine: real progress at last

    8 May 2011 4:57 PM 82

    MacTodd solicitor Tanya Surrey has taken on the American Express Queenstown Winter Festival 12 Week Challenge with the aim of ending up with a figure like Catherine Zeta Jones. In our third update, she reflects on how her routines have changed for the better and the social side of exercise. A Breakthrough this week and it feels exceptionally good to know I have made some progress

  • Inlets easy on the eye and the legs

    18 November 2010 4:00 PM 75

    Their gentle gradient and infrequent traffic make them particularly suitable for beginners. Hoopers Inlet is a deep indentation in the peninsula's southern coastline, just a few kilometres over the hill from Portobello but retaining a startling feeling of isolation. The wild Pacific passes through the narrow gap between Sandymount and the sandy flats

  • It really is as easy as riding a bike

    4 November 2010 3:55 PM 66

    Otago abounds with wonderful opportunities for bike riders. You can join your friends on the Otago Rail Trail; save money - and the planet; exercise without stressing your hips and knees; introduce your children to New Zealand's great outdoors. But as an adult, learning to ride a bike from scratch can seem impossible. Veteran bikers will think you are crazy

  • Biking for beginners: Leith Valley

    4 November 2010 3:55 PM 82

    Despite its proximity to central Dunedin, the Leith Valley retains a wild, secluded aura. It's easy to see why the Victorians, susceptible as they were to a romantic landscape, made their homes here despite the lack of winter sun. They went to extreme lengths, in fact. On the hill in front of you as you approach Glenleith you will see a white two-storied