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Live shark washes up on Manly beach

11 September 2017 10:00 PM
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Live shark washes up on Manly beach

Wild life rescuers have rescued juvenile great white shark that washed up on Sydney’s Manly Beach.

A team from Manly Sea Life Sanctuary were called to the beach just after midday following reports a shark had washed up in distress.

Stunned beachgoers enjoying warm weather quickly took to social media to capture the action of the predator floundering on the shoreline.

“A few people on the beach tried to push it back out to sea, but it washed up four or five times,” Rob Townsend, Life Sciences Manager at the Sanctuary, told this afternoon.

Using a stretcher, the rescuers transported the 2m shark - a male - to the sea pool at Fairy Bower, a short drive away, halfway between Manly Beach and Shelly Beach.

Video showed the animal swimming in the pool, surrounded by a growing crowd of onlookers.

“It’s still in a very weak state and has suffered some superficial injuries,” Mr Townsend said.

The shark was initially believed to be a mako shark, but rescuers have since determined it is a juvenile great white shark.

Mr Townsend added that the underlying cause of the shark's injuries are unknown, and it was puzzling to see the usually fearsome great white in such a weary state.

“There’s obviously an underlying issue when a strong shark like this washes up.”

The shark was taken from the water late this afternoon and transported to the aquarium.

It will be monitored overnight but is expected to make a full recovery.

It comes as the city is enjoying a summery start to the week, with temperatures reaching 22 degrees.


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