The Block NZ 2017 final episode: Live updates

17 September 2017 7:17 AM

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Another stall at $1,050,000 and Mr Fong tells us he cannot sell it for such a low price. "Think of the family," says Mr Fong, trying to get the price over $1,150,000. "I need more... I need more," says Mr Fong as it stalls at $1,180,000.

7:45pm: Ling and Zing are about to have their house go under the hammer. They look nervous for perhaps the first time and Mark tells them it's the first time he's seen them pacing around. "We just came up with our own bloody things and it just started working," says Ling, when asked if they were just winging it the whole way.

"We have got the biggest over-spend, so hopefully that doesn't come back to haunt us," says Zing, just before the auction kicks off.


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