The Block NZ 2017 week 10 recap: Nothing beats a good deck

10 September 2017 8:45 AM

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Julia and Ali rallied this week, taking out both challenges to start the week on a high. With tight budgets, the girls manage to produce a confusing rooftop terrace that looked like the backyard of a suburban Mt Eden villa. But like, in the sky. It was a very Alice in Wonderland-esque illusion, that I really can't figure out if I love or hate.

The judges, however, had no such qualms. They loved it, calling it The Garden of Eden. They noted that the girls had really thought things out - there was a door holdback, a herb garden, a hose, basically all the essentials for a real party.

The twins had a secret weapon to play: a minus two, sorry a "negative two" I should say, which they played against Stace and Yanita. Ali felt pretty bad about it, saying, "Sorry girls."

It allowed the sisters to put the win into twin, and take out $5000 for the week.

The Block NZ airs Monday-Wednesday at 7:30pm and Sundays at 7pm on Three.


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