Bylaw to restrict sex workers not favoured

11 October 2017 3:45 AM

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The problem of sex workers outside homes in a Christchurch residential area, isn't likely to go away anytime soon, as a Christchurch City Council committee has suggested not to pursue a bylaw.

The Regulatory Performance Committee presented a report to council on Wednesday, about the bylaw which would have regulated street-based sex work.

Manchester Street residents, north of Bealey Avenue, have complained about street-based sex workers in the area since the 2011 earthquake.

Sex workers used to work south of Bealey Avenue, but were forced out of the area when the city was cordoned after the 2011 earthquake.

When considering the bylaw, the committee heard deputations from three residents who complained of street-based sex work outside their homes, while representatives of the New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective had their say in opposition of the bylaw.

The committee unanimously supported a motion to suggest council do not develop a bylaw at this stage.

The committee recommended the council, along with the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective, form a collaborative community working group, including the police, to work on ways of encouraging the sex workers to move.


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