Game Of Thrones tie-in rumoured at Telltale, but Doctor Who game unlikely

22 November 2013 11:27 AM

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Rumours suggest the next game from the makers of The Walking Dead Us will be a fan favourite, as the Beeb give up on console games.

‘Multiple sources’ are apparently convinced that Telltale Games is creating a game tie-in to George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, although it’s currently unclear whether it’s based primarily on the books or the TV show.

It’s also unclear whether the rumour is actually true, with Telltale only offering a stock ‘no comment’ to IGN when they asked.

However, not long ago Telltale were teasing more than than one upcoming announcement, hinting that they’ve licensed games that ‘definitely fall into our dream IP scenario’.

Game Of Thrones would certainly seem to fit that description, although the main problem with the rumour is the complicated nature of the video game licence.

Obscure French developer Cyanide already has the licence to make games based on the wider A Song Of Ice and Fire series of books, which has resulted in rubbish, PC-only strategy game A Game of Thrones: Genesis and an even worse action role-player, called simply A Game Of Thrones, for consoles.

There are some browser-based games that aren’t part of Cynaide’s licence, but it may mean that Telltale’s games can only be based on the TV show or have some other restriction.

When Telltale first started talking about ‘dream IP scenarios’ many fans became convinced that one of them was Doctor Who.

But by coincdence the BBC recently confirmed that it has no plans for any new console games in the future, and will concentrate only on mobile titles.

‘We’re determined to focus on mobile, console didn’t fit into the long term strategic vision in cases where BBC Worldwide would publish,’ a spokesman told website Polygon.

There is still a glimmer of hope in that statement though, as not only do Telltale’s games lead on the PC rather consoles but if a deal was made then Telltale would presumably act as the publisher rather than the BBC.

Still, it’s probably best not to expect too much. Although a new Doctor Who mobile game is due to be announced later today (we’ll update this story if it seems interesting) and there’s always this Google Doodle, which is certainly more entertaining than any of the other Doctor Who games up to this point.


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