Justin Bieber Serves Up Drama at IHOP

19 December 2013 3:18 PM

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Bieber at the 'Believe' premiere. (Getty Images)Nothing comes between Justin Bieber and his short stack.

During a stop at the Encino, California, IHOP prior to attending his "Justin Bieber Believe" movie premiere in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, the 19-year-old became involved in a dispute with a paparazzo, omg has exclusively learned.

According to law enforcement sources, a complaint has been filed alleging that the "Baby" crooner's security detail, which has a long history of being hands-on with the 'razzi, assaulted a photographer at the 24-hour breakfast-food chain. A separate source said the physical dispute occurred when Bieber headed to the restaurant bathroom and a photographer snapped his photo.

There were multiple witnesses to the drama (a rep for Bieber has not responded to omg!'s request for comment), several of which took to Twitter to share their accounts. Twitter user @ChaseRyanPalmer also posted photos.

What is it with Bieber and water bottles?! He's allegedly throwing them … and he's getting hit with them.

Maybe because Bieber's IHOP visit wasn't a syrupy sweet one (unlike, say, the time he and ex Selena Gomez had a hot date at the chain in Philadelphia back in 2010), the star wasn't in a chatty mood on the red carpet when he later rolled into his premiere. While he posed for photos next to a Christmas tree — he wore a red suit (with the pants drooping down) and white loafers accessorized with a huge gold chain, sunglasses (at night!), a keychain clipped to his pants, and the slightest hint of a mustache — he didn't talk to the press.

Bieber instead schmoozed with his VIP attendees, including his mother, Pattie Mallette; manager, Scooter Braun; and Usher, who of course helped discover him. The "Boyfriend" singer's pal Jaden Smith was also there with reported gal pal Kylie Jenner. (The 15-year-old daughter of the late Paul Walker, Meadow, also attended. She had previously met the Canadian singer at one of his concerts.)

Bieber's latest incident at IHOP caps off his most dramatic year yet. Start to finish, he's made countless headlines for paparazzi scuffles, house parties, graffiti, alleged bedmates, smoking pot, bad driving, urinating in a mop bucket at a restaurant and cursing former President Bill Clinton while on camera, to name a few. Of course, the "Believe" documentary capitalizes on all of it, detailing the controversy that has followed Justin in 2013 — and charging moviegoers to watch it all over again.

Source: ca.omg.yahoo.com

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