Man’s text message bid for ‘flatmate with benefits’ fails miserably

11 September 2017 12:26 AM

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Man’s text message bid for ‘flatmate with benefits’ fails miserably

If you thought your housemate’s fungus-infested dishes and midweek house parties made them a contender for ultimate flattie from hell, think again.

One woman has taken to Facebook to reveal an outrageous encounter with a man looking to share his apartment in Sydney’s exclusive suburb of Mosman.

While it’s normal for people to have a preference on who they want to share their home with, this man had a very specific idea of who he wanted – and what he wanted them to do.

“The room has been out for 2 weeks now,” he tells the woman in a text conversation.

“No one has come to see it. Because I have a very specific condition.”

While we’ve all heard of couples who have gotten together after they met sharehousing, conditional sex upon lease doesn’t sound quite as romantic.

Needless to say, the woman was outraged and gives the man a piece of her mind.

“Are you serious?” she responds. “Maybe you should advertise on Tinder not”


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