NZ First caucus meets on negotiations

11 October 2017 8:15 PM

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NZ First's caucus met early on Thursday morning to formally discuss the coalition negotiation options before the final day of talks with National and Labour.

NZ First's caucus has emerged from their first meeting together on the final day of coalition negotiations.

The party's nine MPs came together at parliament early on Thursday, no doubt to discuss the options on the table after the previous four days of talks with National and Labour.

Kingmaker Winston Peters emerged from the meeting saying it was "very good, thank you very much" but confidentiality prevents him from revealing what was discussed.

He couldn't even confirm whether the caucus meeting related solely to coalition talks or whether there were other items on the agenda.

"I'd love you to be the first and most informed person, but I can't tell you," he told NZ Newswire.

Earlier he'd said he expected Thursday's talks to be the most substantive since formal conversations began on Sunday.

It's expected cabinet positions could be put up for discussion for the first time.

Deputy leader Ron Mark gave a quick "no comment" when asked on Thursday morning if he was on the verge of becoming a cabinet minister.

"We will be able to put together the full picture for both sides," Mr Peters said.

"We will be able to sit down as a caucus and say 'this is what we can present to the party'."

The options will be presented to the party's board, but not on Thursday night.

Mr Peters wouldn't confirm when the board would meet, or where, but he said it would be as soon as possible.

When the board has made a decision - Mr Peters said he wanted a "serious consensus" from it - the announcement of which party will lead the next government will be made.


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