NZ First members must put up or shut up on Peters rumours

17 September 2017 7:33 AM

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"If these people including former candidates have proof of their serious allegations they should release it too the public. Otherwise they should shut up and let Winston Peters be judged on his very public record of failure as a minister and as a source of instability in every government he has joined."

"We don't need to hear any rumours to know what will happen if New Zealand First is in a position to join a government after Saturday's election."

"The truth is Winston Peters has never made it through a full three year term in any ministerial portfolio. And he never will."

"He was sacked by Jim Bolger in 1991. He was sacked by Jenny Shipley in 1998. He resigned his portfolios in 2008 when he was investigated by the Serious Fraud Office, and only remained a minister in the sense of keeping the title, the baubles and the luxury cars."

"He has been avoiding public debates on TV and in his electorate. He was incoherent on Radio New Zealand last week, and proved his performance and his policies can't bear 20 minutes of scrutiny, let alone three whole years."

"A vote for New Zealand First is a vote for instability and a vote for a government that's doomed to collapse, whether National or Labour-led."

"Voters wanting a strong and stable centre-right government must vote ACT, which would give the centre-right a clear majority on last week's Colmar Brunton poll, without having to invite in Winston Peters to burn the whole house down."


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