SEE IT: Drunk child at skate park in New Zealand sparks outrage

8 January 2014 8:50 PM

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SEE IT: Drunk child at skate park in New Zealand sparks outrage

The boozed-up little boy was captured in a YouTube video admitting to having 18 drinks in an afternoon bender. Local police are investigating the horrific incident.

Authorities are investigating a video of a heavily intoxicated New Zealand kid stumbling around a skate park.

The unidentified, boozed-up 9-year-old boy claims to have slammed 18 beers that afternoon — mortifying local police officials that quickly launched a probe into the video, according to reports.

But police said that the boy only consumed eight Cody's pre-mixed bourbon drinks and two shots.

“I'm appalled," Inspector Greg Nicholls told NZ News3. "If you've seen the video, you will have seen the state that that young boy was in. Irrespective of whether it was eight or 18, it's too many."

The video was posted online Tuesday by Bradley Goudie, who continuously quizzed the drunk child on where his parents were and how much he consumed.

“F--- you. I've gotten drunk before,” the kid, clearly three sheets to the wind, yelled at Goudie.

The boy's father was estranged from his mother and was "shocked" by the boy's behavior, according to Fairfax NZ News. The boy got so sick that he needed to be hospitalized.

New Zealand’s Child, Youth and Family agency is investigating the incident. The boy’s mother claims to be ignorant to his intoxication — she told cops she thought he was across the street playing, the station reported.

Instead, the boy was at a Fairfield skate park with a slew of other youths, some of which defended the boy’s disturbing drunken escapades.

“I've been drinking beers,” he said as his head slumped to the side. “Are you going to show the police? Don't show the police.”

At one point, the boy wildly swings his scooter around and eventually manages to regain balance and roll down the ramp.

Goudie, outraged by the rampant drug use at the park, posted the video online and it quickly garnered more than 340,000 views in one day.

“This sort of behavior is despicable,” Goudie wrote in the video’s description. “Not only is the boy in danger, but his behavior also puts other kids around the skate park at risk.”

But Nicholls wasn’t pleased the video was published. The high-ranking cop called on Goudie to “do the right thing and remove it,” because the boy may be further victimized for his antics during the highly publicized afternoon bender.

It’s unclear who supplied the boy with alcohol, but Nicholls said they will most likely face harsh penalties.


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