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  • Mars 'mothership' spotted in NASA images

    28 October 2017 7:11 PM 15

    Conspiracy theorists have long pointed to extra-terrestrial life existing millions of miles from Earth, but now some believe they've found conclusive evidence a little closer to home. Images found in footage of Mars, taken from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor, appear to show a gigantic 2.1km long vessel which theorists are claiming is an "alien mothership"

  • These houseplants can significantly improve your health

    26 October 2017 8:55 PM 16

    Scientists attribute this to the fact that plants help reduce stress, anxiety and absorb substances that pollute the air. The first of these houseplants Areca. According to the researchers, it is perfect for those who are susceptible to colds, as the plant releases water in the air makes breathing easier, especially at night. For those who are struggling

  • Farmers condemn deer release ‘idiots’

    26 October 2017 7:15 PM 27

    Federated Farmers joins the Department of Conservation in condemning in the strongest terms the actions of the idiot/s who have released deer in north Taranaki forests. "DoC’s director-general Lou Sanson called the release of up to 50 sika deer despicable and ‘eco-terrorism’ and we back him on that," the Federation’s Environment and Pest Management spokesman

  • Ancient Skull Fragment Likely Belongs to Oldest Known Tsunami Victim

    26 October 2017 2:31 PM 20

    A 6,000-year-old skull found in Papua New Guinea is the earliest record of a human killed in a tsunami, according to new research published this week. Back in 1929, Australian geologist Paul Hossfeld uncovered a partial human skull outside the coastal town of Aitape in Papua New Guinea. An international team of scientists recently returned to the site in an effort

  • Ancient Papua New Guinea skull called oldest-known tsunami victim

    25 October 2017 8:05 PM 16

    WASHINGTON: A mysterious partial skull unearthed in Papua New Guinea in 1929 that once was thought to belong to an extinct human species now turns out to have another unique distinction. Scientists believe it belongs to the oldest-known human tsunami victim. Researchers said on Wednesday that new examinations of the sediments where the 6,000-year-old

  • Kea named Bird of the Year after heated competition

    23 October 2017 7:56 PM 24

    After weeks of heated campaigning, New Zealand's Bird of the Year has been announced as the kea. It marks the first victory for the endangered mountain parrot, known for its intelligence and curiosity. Bird of the Year coordinator Kimberley Collins says the competition raises awareness of New Zealand's native birds, many of which are endangered

  • What happens if a supervolcano erupts?

    10 October 2017 11:31 PM 15

    A top volcanologist is trying to reduce the uncertainty of what might happen here if a supervolcanoe blows its top. Victoria University's professor Colin Wilson has been awarded the Rutherford Medal for his research. He said people are far more likely to experience an earthquake or a tsunami than a volcanic eruption. But he says that doesn't mean we should

  • Nikon's Small World: Best Microscope Photos of 2017

    10 October 2017 4:06 PM 18

    Nikon has just announced the winners of its 43rd Photomicrography Competition. Take a glimpse at the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the microscope. This year's international competition, entitled "Small World In Motion," received more than 2,000 entries from 88 countries. It encompasses any movie or digital time-lapse photography taken

  • When Is the Harvest Moon?

    30 September 2017 12:57 AM 18

    This Year's Harvest Moon Is a Little Peculiar, and You Won't Want to Miss It It's a lucky year for gazing into the sky and seeing something spectacular. While we'll need to wait till 2024 for the next solar eclipse, if you look up on Oct. 5, you'll see the full moon come out earlier than usual after sunset. Called the harvest moon, it's an annual treat

  • Secrets of lost continent Zealandia revealed

    27 September 2017 9:43 AM 19

    Zealandia, the "lost'' continent our country lies upon, was much closer to land level than previously believed - and shallow enough to offer pathways for animals and plants to move along. A major international expedition, which involved drilling deep into the seabed, has transformed what we understand about the submerged continent's intriguing 70-million-year-old