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  • App to combat kauri dieback disease

    27 September 2017 1:51 AM 18

    There is a game-changing tool on the way in the war against kauri dieback disease which is having a devastating effect on New Zealand’s native forests. Thanks to the 2016 WWF-New Zealand Conservation Innovation Awards, sustainable land management group Groundtruth is developing a Stop Kauri Dieback app that will support community engagement and management

  • International Space Station flies over Asheville Sunday night

    24 September 2017 9:10 PM 19

    The International Space Station (ISS) orbits the Earth, and you can see it fly over Asheville--if you know where and when to look. At 8:43 p.m. on Sunday, September 24, 2017 the ISS will fly over our area and be visible as it crosses overhead for about four minutes. (If you're seeing this story ahead of the flyover, a good way to remember to watch the ISS is to set an alarm

  • Online horse behaviour and safety course to be launched in October

    21 September 2017 7:45 PM 22

    A three-week online course on horse behaviour and safety is now being offered for 14 to 17-year-olds by Equine Guelph, the horse owner’s centre at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. The course will run from October 2-22. Equine Guelph will also offer an adult version scheduled to run at the same time. Course topics include: The horse in the wild, the modern-day

  • Dunedin flat earth sign goes viral

    21 September 2017 4:10 AM 12

    A sign planted at a Dunedin beach claiming to prove the earth is flat has been covered by news outlets across the world. Dunedin man Stephen Voss spotted the sign, which questions why the horizon out to sea is "level" and points people towards a YouTube video claiming to prove the earth is flat, while walking to Lawyers Head. He posted a picture of the sign on Facebook

  • Newshub's guide to aurora hunting

    6 September 2017 5:36 AM 23

    The sky is expected to light up on Wednesday night, as a "super massive" aurora heads for New Zealand. An aurora is a light display in the sky, produced when high energy particles from solar wind or the sun hit the atmosphere, creating lights of different colours. If you want a glimpse of the light show, it's best to be prepared - so Newshub talked to the experts

  • Whale's beak cut off with chainsaw

    5 September 2017 12:05 AM 20

    The Department of Conservation is appealing for information after a gray's beaked whale was found washed up on the South Island, with its beak removed. A gray's beaked whale has washed up on a South Island beach, with its beak sawed off. The five-metre whale, which was found on a Greymouth beach, had its beak removed with a chainsaw around Saturday

  • 288 day mission over: Astronaut back on Earth

    3 September 2017 1:57 AM 45

    A record-breaking NASA astronaut's back on Earth, after nearly a year in space. The Soyuz capsule carrying Peggy Whitson has touched down in Kazakhstan. The world's oldest spacewoman, at the age of 57, has been in space for 288 days. It was Whitson's third long-duration stay aboard the orbiting spacecraft and in total she will have spent 665 days in space

  • Nibiru WARNING: ‘I’ve seen top secret image of Planet X… and it IS coming to Earth’

    29 August 2017 8:20 PM 58

    THE controversial Planet X has been secretly filmed from astronomical observatories, and is making its way to Earth, it has remarkably been claimed. Christian conspiracy theorist David Meade, who claims the alleged giant planet Nibiru - which is officially unknown to astronomical science - will pass the Earth causing a global apocalypse in October, says he has been shown

  • 8 underwater worlds to blow your mind

    29 August 2017 12:44 AM 28

    Take a look below the surface at some of the most spectacular sights at sea. Here’s what you’ve been missing out on. CANNIBAL ROCK, KOMODO NATIONAL PARK, INDONESIA: Famed for its fearsome, rotten flesh-eating dragons, Komodo National Park is an easy jump from Bali (there are many operators offering tours from the Indonesian holiday isle) but for divers

  • Google's solar 'Eclipse Megamovie' is ready for viewing

    28 August 2017 10:52 PM 25

    More than 34,000 images of the eclipse taken by amateur scientists across the US have been assembled into a continuous view of the event. If you aren't yet eclipsed-out, Google has a movie about last week's solar eclipse you might want to check out. Before the total solar eclipse crossed the US on Aug. 21, Google asked amateur scientists from all over the country