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  • Kiwis crowdfund to colonise Mars

    6 August 2017 8:50 AM 46

    A new crowdfunding campaign has launched in New Zealand with the ultimate goal of setting up a space base on Mars. The Martian Trust is hoping to tap into the passion of space fans worldwide to create a charitable society that can help colonise the Red Planet. "We want to help actually shape space exploration in getting to Mars rather than just reading

  • 4th grader applies to NASA's new Planetary Protection Officer job opening

    4 August 2017 8:50 PM 18

    (WJRT) - (08/04/17) - NASA's latest job posting is creating quite the buzz... Part of the job perks include frequent travel, but no word yet on whether it'll be to space. It looks like there is stiff competition to land the "out of this world" gig though... As a self-proclaimed "Guardian of the Galaxy", Jack says he's seen just about every space and alien

  • 9-year-old ‘guardian of the galaxy’ applies for NASA position

    4 August 2017 8:50 PM 43

    A self-proclaimed "guardian of the galaxy’s" application for a job at NASA, which has been around since the 1960s, is grabbing the attention of the internet. NASA posted the letter that 9-year-old Jack Davis sent as his application for the “Planetary Protection Officer" spot. Davis writes that he should be considered for the position because his sister

  • 9-year-old writes letter to NASA asking to be considered for a job

    4 August 2017 8:20 PM 53

    A 9-year-old alien enthusiast from New Jersey sent a handwritten letter to NASA asking to be considered for a job working with astronauts. In the letter, dated Aug. 3, fourth-grader Jack Davis asks to apply for a planetary protection officer position at NASA. He writes in the letter provided to ABC News by his family that despite his young age, he thinks

  • Designer Baby On Way? US Scientists Modify Genes Of Human Embryo

    2 August 2017 5:00 PM 40

    New Delhi: A group of scientists in the US have taken the first steps in tweaking the genes in the human embryo - a subject fraught with fears of an eventual designer baby and a minefield of ethical dilemma. The scientists say their research has the potential to eliminate diseases that run through some families. The list of such diseases is long - it includes

  • First safe repair of disease-causing gene in human embryos

    2 August 2017 5:00 PM 46

    Lauran Neergaard, Ap Medical Writer A research team led by Oregon Health and & Science University has safely repaired a gene in human embryos, a scientific first that targeted a heart defect _ and also raises the prospect of one day preventing a list of inherited diseases. (Aug. 2) WASHINGTON (AP) — Altering human heredity? In a first, researchers safely

  • Fragile Bryde's whale population at risk from ship strike

    1 August 2017 5:39 PM 24

    The fragility of the Bryde's whale population in the Hauraki Gulf has been underlined by a study using photos of the mammals' fins for identification. Bryde's whales (Balaenoptera edeni) are classified as nationally critical in New Zealand and appear only on the north-eastern coast of the North Island. The Massey University study collated a database

  • MEGATSUNAMI reaching 300 foot high and set off by landslide gives warning to scientists

    1 August 2017 4:03 AM 14

    A DEVASTATING mega–tsunami that tore through Greenland destroying homes and hurling enormous chunks of ice onto the mainland has been revealed by scientists as being more than 300 foot (90 meters) high. The giant tsunami crashed into the defenceless village of Nuugaatsiaq, destroying 11 homes and washing four people away on June 17. Data from a reconnaissance

  • "I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face," woman tells 911 dispatcher

    31 July 2017 5:03 PM 17

    SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio -- An Ohio woman called 911 in a panic Thursday afternoon with ample reason: A 5 1/2-foot long boa constrictor she had rescued a day earlier had wrapped itself around her neck, was biting her face and wouldn't let go. "I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face," the frightened woman told a dispatcher. "Please hurry. He's biting my nose." The dispatcher

  • There could be alien life on Titan: Study

    31 July 2017 6:06 AM 25

    WASHINGTON DC: Saturn's moon Titan could be home to alien life, according to a recent study. The Cornell University research provided the first indisputable evidence of the presence of a molecule - acrylonitrile - on Titan, which researchers theorized could be key to life on the methane-based, oxygen-free moon of Saturn. Chemical and biological engineer