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  • Dragonfly, Meet Dragon: Timely Photo Juxtaposes Insect with SpaceX Rocket

    2 June 2017 10:28 AM 16

    A little dragonfly paid a visit to the much larger Dragon spacecraft at Cape Canaveral Thursday (June 1), just hours before SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket launch was scrubbed due to inclement weather. For the first time, SpaceX is launching a used Dragon spacecraft, sending the same capsule into space for its second delivery to the International Space Station

  • 'An international disgrace': Politicians Including Obama, Sanders Deride Trump's Climate Deal Decision

    1 June 2017 10:23 PM 7

    Former President Barack Obama has hit out at President Donald Trump’s decision to exit the Paris climate deal, describing it as choice that “rejects of the future.” Trump on Thursday proclaimed he was fulfilling a duty to the U.S. by getting out of the pact, which he described as “very unfair at the highest level to the United States.” The deal attempts

  • Giant iceberg poised to snap off from Antarctica: scientists

    1 June 2017 2:11 PM 13

    PARIS: An expanse of ice roughly the size of Delaware is close to breaking off from the warming Antarctic ice shelf to form one of the world's largest-ever icebergs, scientists said Thursday. On the day President Donald Trump is to announce whether or not the United States will withdraw from the Paris Agreement to limit climate change, satellite data showed

  • NASA to fly probe into sun's atmosphere

    31 May 2017 10:06 AM 25

    NASA is set to announce a new mission to fly directly into the Sun's atmosphere. The US space agency said the Solar Probe Plus, which will help 'revolutionise our understanding of the Sun', is expected to launch in the summer of next year. The probe will orbit within 6.2 million kilometres of the Sun's surface and withstand temperatures of nearly 1,377 degrees

  • Faceless fish found off Aust east coast

    31 May 2017 5:17 AM 6

    Faceless fish have been discovered by Australian scientists studying a huge deep sea abyss off the NSW coast. The CSIRO and Museums Victoria scientists collected the mysterious fish, which they believe could be an entirely new species, during a trawl 4000m below sea level. Bright red spiky rock crabs, puffed-up coffinfish, blind sea spiders and deep sea eels have also been collected

  • Australian scientists find faceless fish in unexplored abyss

    31 May 2017 5:17 AM 11

    A faceless fish and toxic urchins are just some of the undiscovered creatures that have been found deep beneath the Australian ocean during an expedition of the uncharted eastern abyss. "We haven't found any sea monsters yet but we are still looking and keeping our eyes out," chief scientist of the Sampling the Abyss Expedition, Dr Tim O’Hara said. Dr O’Hara

  • Faceless Fish Among New And Weird Deep Sea Finds

    31 May 2017 5:16 AM 13

    Sydney: Faceless fish and other weird and wonderful creatures, many of them new species, have been hauled up from the deep waters off Australia during a scientific voyage studying parts of the ocean never explored before. The month-long journey off the country's eastern seaboard has been surveying life lurking in a dark and cold abyss that plunges four kilometres

  • Native birds in desperate situation, says Environment Commissioner

    31 May 2017 2:33 AM 5

    In a new report, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment says New Zealand’s native birds are in a desperate situation. "Despite the efforts of many, most of our native birds are in trouble." said the Commissioner, Dr Jan Wright. "A third are in danger of becoming extinct. This includes the kea - the only alpine parrot in the world. Another

  • NZ native birds in 'desperate situation'

    31 May 2017 2:33 AM 4

    Nearly a third of New Zealand's native birds are in danger of becoming extinct, a report issued on Wednesday claims. The kea and whio are in danger of becoming extinct says a report issued on Wednesday that paints a dire picture of the future of New Zealand's native bird population. Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright's report

  • A third of our native birds are at real risk of extinction

    31 May 2017 2:32 AM 8

    The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment is after major changes to help protect the country's native birds. She's backing the use of 1080 as pest control, saying its use remains essential for the forseeable future. And Dr Wright is also recommending genetic engineering be looked at as a way of preserving endangered bird species. Her report