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19 February 2014 7:17 PM 450-Mbit LTE Advanced on tap for next week's mobile conference

Faster and more flexible mobile networks enabled by small cells, virtualization and next-generation LTE are expected to highlight infrastructure trends at Mobile World Congress next week. New smartphones will get more attention, but mobile infrastructure announcements will have as big an impact on telecommunications, with direct and indirect repercussions 72

13 February 2014 7:05 AM Help us too, says Virgin Australia

Updated: 18:18, Thursday February 13, 2014 Virgin Australia says it's unfair for Qantas to be seeking government assistance and any taxpayer guarantee should be extended to all airlines. In a statement on Thursday, the foreign-owned airline said it didn't oppose moves to unshackle Qantas from foreign ownership restrictions through a repeal of the Qantas 89

10 February 2014 1:54 PM What Key NSA Overseers Don't Know About the Phone Dragnet

Was a widely held belief about the surveillance state bunk all along? Is the National Security Agency collecting and storing data on fewer telephone calls than we thought? So say reports in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and New York Times. "Although intelligence officials have indicated since last summer that the National Security Agency 82

7 February 2014 5:04 AM California Bill Would Require Antitheft Technology for Cellphones

A smartphone is sleek, compact and valuable, which makes it a perfect target for a thief. Californian lawmakers want to require cellphone companies to fix that problem. In the last year, officials in San Francisco and New York have pressured cellphone companies to adopt a so-called “kill switch” that would render a smartphone unusable after it was stolen 75

3 January 2014 8:57 AM How mysterious orbs could be used to predict earthquakes: Scientists link strange lights to movement in the Earth's crust

They have been linked to UFOs and hallucinations and thought to be harbingers of doom. The lights, which take many forms and appear before or during earthquakes, could provide an early warning sign. For instance, seconds before the 2009 L’Aquila, Italy earthquake struck, pedestrians saw 10cm high flames of light flickering above the stone-paved Francesco 127

6 December 2013 6:52 AM Ford reveals all-new Mustang with EcoBoost engine

The iconic Ford Mustang is world renowned for its style, performance and power: but, remarkably, it may soon be known for its efficiency too. As part of an event in Barcelona yesterday (December 05, 2013), Ford revealed the all-new Mustang (pictured) for the European market: and in the process surprised us all with news that the vehicle will come with a choice 110

17 August 2013 5:30 PM Sports power: McCaw still unchallenged

You. know the drill. In fact, it is probably safe to presume you have kept all three previous editions of the ODT sports power rankings, and dig them out frequently as a conversation starter. This is my opinion, so it cannot be wrong. Complaints and suggestions are welcome (see email below). But this is my opinion, so it cannot be wrong. I rank New Zealand 116