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  • Asylum seekers barricaded in Papua New Guinea camp call for aid

    1 November 2017 9:11 PM 106

    SYDNEY (Reuters) - Asylum seekers refusing to leave a detention centre in Papua New Guinea began digging wells on Thursday to try find water as their food supplies dwindled, in a stand-off that human rights groups warn could become a humanitarian crisis. Australia and PNG are trying to close the Manus Island centre, one of two remote Pacific camps that Canberra

  • Jacinda named one of the most powerful women in the world

    1 November 2017 8:17 PM 103

    A week into the job and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has already rocketed into the Forbes list of the most powerful women in the political world. She's ranked at 13 in the list of 22 women, ahead of Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at 15 and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at 20. The magazine highlighted Ms Ardern's status as the world's

  • Mom Accidentally Tucks Naked Stranger into Bed Instead of Her Son

    1 November 2017 8:16 PM 96

    "I thought, Hmmm, Stewart sounds very polite," the UK mom wrote on Facebook. Juliet then noticed that Stew's car wasn't in the driveway, and though she did think it was odd that he would pass out for the night in her walk-in closet, she assumed that it was just her son up to his antics. "He looked like my son enough to pass a cursory. (Stew changes his hair and facehair

  • The wheels haven't fallen off here

    1 November 2017 6:39 PM 104

    Hirschman's Cycle (From the Left, ODT Opinion, 27.10.17) refers to the United States' seesawing political system, grounded in shifting tides of private interest and public action. There is no ambulance at the bottom of an American societal cliff, you either fight to survive or you become part of the homeless underclass, living well below the living wage of $US8 ($NZ11.50) per hour. With the impending

  • In meeting, Trump to push a reluctant Xi to rein in North Korea

    1 November 2017 5:35 PM 107

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump will further pressure Chinese President Xi Jinping in talks next week to take tougher measures against North Korea, as the United States compiles information for possible new sanctions on Chinese banks working with Pyongyang. Senior administration officials say Trump will try to convince Xi when they meet in Beijing

  • Can a Carbon 'Vacuum Cleaner' Save the Planet?

    1 November 2017 4:25 PM 89

    Companies are exploring ways to scrub carbon dioxide from the air and put it back into the ground. We humans are really, really good at making carbon dioxide. Last year our smokestacks and tailpipes puffed out more than 60 trillion pounds of the greenhouse gas, monkeying with the planet’s climate and acidifying the oceans. What we’re not so good at is cleaning

  • New York truck attacker planned for weeks and carried out rampage in the name of ISIS, officials say

    1 November 2017 3:49 PM 78

    NEW YORK — Investigators probing the background of the 29-year-old man they say mowed down pedestrians and cyclists on a Manhattan bike path believe he was a lone wolf who became “radicalized domestically” while living in the United States, New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) said Wednesday. Officials say the suspected attacker, Sayfullo Saipov, was influenced

  • Five old friends from Argentina reunited in New York. They died together in a terrorist attack

    1 November 2017 3:14 PM 75

    The childhood friends from Argentina had been planning the trip to New York City for years. The men all hailed from Rosario, Argentina’s third largest city, about 3½ hours northwest of Buenos Aires. As teenagers, they had bonded in the halls and classrooms of the Instituto Politécnico, a technical high school in Rosario, and graduated together from there

  • New York truck attack: Victims were visiting with loved ones

    1 November 2017 2:48 PM 110

    Eight people were killed in New York on Tuesday when a man drove a truck onto a cycle path in Lower Manhattan. Not all the victims have been identified yet but the authorities have confirmed that five of them were tourists from Argentina and another was visiting from Belgium. The Belgian national was named on Wednesday as 31-year-old Ann-Laure Decadt

  • China Blinks on South Korea, Making Nice After a Year of Hostilities

    1 November 2017 2:21 PM 100

    Mr. Xi’s tough stance against South Korea also included a punishing economic boycott that helped reinforce the American relationship with Seoul, undermining China’s long-term goal of replacing the United States as the pre-eminent power in Asia. “This is the reversal of an ineffective and costly policy on the part of China,” said Shi Yinhong, professor