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  • Black Abbey to Celebrate Guy Fawkes Night a Little Early

    31 October 2017 5:50 AM 97

    co-founder Carl Meier has always been steadfast when it comes to celebrating Guy Fawkes Night on Nov. 5. Since that was the actual date in 1605 when Guy Fawkes was arrested on charges of treason for a plot to blow up the House of Lords, that was when the British government established a mandatory celebration of “Gunpowder Treason Day,” which has subsequently

  • Putin launches MASSIVE new nuclear submarine and 100 warships to CONQUER seas in WW3

    31 October 2017 5:43 AM 64

    Russia is seeking to reassert its sea power across the world to face down “new threats” posed by enemies, including the US navy. A new nuclear-powered submarine, codenamed Project 955A Borei, is to join the Russia’s global fleet of 100 warships from November. Stretching the length of almost two football pitches, the submarine can carry sixteen Bulava

  • New Zealand premier says ban on foreign home buyers to start early 2018

    31 October 2017 4:22 AM 64

    WELLINGTON: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Tuesday a ban on foreigners buying existing homes would begin in early 2018, but the ban would not apply to Australians seeking to buy homes in New Zealand. Ardern told reporters that legislation would be introduced by Dec. 25. Ardern's government campaigned in New Zealand's recent election

  • New Zealand PM says ban on foreign home buyers to start early 2018

    31 October 2017 4:15 AM 101

    WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Tuesday a ban on foreigners buying existing homes would begin in early 2018, but the restrictions would not apply to Australians. Ardern campaigned in the recent New Zealand election to restrict foreign buyers to reduce demand, while the country tackles what her Labour party says is a housing

  • Coalition to amend Overseas Investment Act to stop foreigners buying existing houses

    31 October 2017 4:09 AM 72

    The Coalition government says it will pass a law change before Christmas to ban overseas buyers from buying existing residential houses. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says it will be an amendment to the Overseas Investment Act to classify residential housing as “sensitive.” “That means non-resident or non-citizens cannot buy existing residential dwellings

  • US, Japanese Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bombers

    31 October 2017 2:52 AM 113

    The Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) and U.S. Air Force (USAF) scrambled fighter jets to intercept two nuclear-capable Tupolev Tu-95MS strategic bombers of the Russian Aerospace Force on October 30, the Japanese Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced in a statement. JASDF and USAF aircraft escorted the Russian bombers as they skirted the Japanese islands

  • First trip to Australia as PM

    31 October 2017 1:36 AM 99

    The Labour leader, who formed a coalition government with NZ First and the Green parties earlier this month, will meet Turnbull on Sunday in Sydney before returning to Wellington later in the day. "Australia and New Zealand are not just mates, we are family," Turnbull said in a statement today. "I look forward to congratulating Prime Minister Ardern

  • Mueller’s First Indictments Send a Message to Trump

    31 October 2017 1:27 AM 101

    “It’s obviously a big-deal day. These are big-deal developments,” said John Q. Barrett, who served as associate independent counsel during the Iran-contra investigation. Inside the White House, the mood changed drastically throughout the morning. Although Mr. Manafort was the first president’s former campaign chief indicted since John N. Mitchell during

  • 2016 Under Scrutiny: A Timeline Of Russia Connections

    31 October 2017 1:27 AM 109

    2016 Under Scrutiny: A Timeline Of Russia Connections Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort (right), leaves U.S. District Court after pleading not guilty to federal charges, including "conspiracy against the United States," on Monday in Washington, D.C. The first charges have been filed in the special counsel investigation into Russian interference

  • How conservative media reacted to the Mueller indictments

    31 October 2017 1:27 AM 99

    The revelation Monday of charges against three former Trump campaign officials in special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe into possible Russian influence in American politics delivered a sharp jolt to the news cycle. Anticipation over the arrests had been high for days after news that the first charges in Mueller's investigation were imminent had seeped